Our projects in Ethiopia take a holistic approach to increasing access to, and improving the quality of, education.  They come under the terms of a 5-year agreement that we have with the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS), titled Improving Quality of Education Through a Holistic Approach, 2015-2019.  In each community that we work, we assess all of the factors inhibiting quality education in the local school, and address them in concert.

Areas of concern typically include not only inadequate school facilities, teachers, and educational materials, but also poor attendance and inability to learn due to health issues, children working because of family poverty, and lack of support because of adult illiteracy in the home. 

All of our projects include construction of classroom blocks, latrines, a library, administrative and science laboratory blocks, as well as provision of  furniture and library books.  As part of the holistic approach, part of our project costs also go towards: teacher training workshops for all teachers and administrators; sanitation and hygiene workshops for students and teachers; provision of access to clean water; playing fields, with basic sports equipment; and a greening program.

FGCF does not just build schools and run. Rather, as much as possible we establish long-term relationships with the schools and communities until the envisaged changes happen and local capacities are strengthened such that the benefits of the project can continue long after the end of the project.

A description of each project, its location, and details of its progress can be found below.

Azena School

Azena is located in the Amhara region, roughly 461kms north-west of Addis Ababa. The livelihood of the community is predominantly farming, and annual per capita income is roughly $200. The average farm size is less than two acres, meaning that farms can no longer be divided among children, making education all the more important to future livelihoods.

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Abichikili School

Abichikili is one of 18 rural “kebeles” in the South Acheffer Woreda (district) of the West Gojjam Zonal region of Ethiopia. Over 90% of the population in the district depends entirely on subsistence farming for a living.

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Wotet Abay Elementary School

Wotet Abay is a small town located about 50 km south of Bahir Dar, the main economic activities within which are subsistence farming and the production and marketing of homemade liquor, Areqie. The Wotet Abay Elementary School has 2,033 students, including 17 with special needs.

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Abay Mado First Cycle Elementary School

Abay Mado First Cycle Elementary School is located on the outskirts of Bahir Dar City in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. It will be a new school, addressing the overcrowding and poor education levels in the Bahir Dar city administration region, similar to those in the Wotet Abay school and other FGCF projects. It will be home to 1,000 students and 35 teachers and staff.

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Sebatamit Elementary School

Sebatamit Elementary School was FGCF’s first project; the grand inauguration took place in September 2015. The school now has 4 concrete block classroom blocks, an admin block. Science labs, separate girls and boys latrines, a library with new books, and all new furniture. The school is home to 1,040 students in grades 1 – 8, and 90 young students in the pre-school program.

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Teacher Capacity Development Program

Pursuant to our holistic approach, our agreement with the Regional Education Department, and the Memorandum of Understanding that we signed with the International Community School (ICS) of Addis Ababa, our best teaching practices workshops are well under way.

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What parents say

"We were invited to decide on who should bid, lead the bidding process and truly own the project. For the first time today, parent's opinions and decisions were sought. I like to thank the charity for making feel us truly own the project."

- Local parent, Abichiliki School

What parents say

“Recently a charity paid close to 2 million birr to build two similar classroom blocks (twice today’s price). From now on we should not let this outrageous act to happen again! We would like to thank FGCF for this empowering experience.”

- Local parent, Abichiliki School

What communities say

"Unlike other charities that just focus on doing one thing, FGCF’s comprehensive and multi-year approach will undoubtedly transform the school into a leader and a center of excellence."

- Muluken Ayehu, Head, Bahir Dar City Administration Education Department

What teachers say

"We are counting the days the construction will be completed and the facilities are equipped and furnished. Because we are so eager, it is not uncommon among teachers to come to school early and visit the construction before going to class."

- Firehiywot Asmare, Teacher, Sebatamit Elementary School

What communities say

"We strongly believe that these activities will contribute to improved student enrollment, attendance/participation, grade progression and completion, achievement and self-directed learning."

- The Educational Bureau of the Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia

What students say

"I do not think that we have been getting good education; we have no access to a library and science laboratory. I am very happy about the project as it will allow us to attain a good quality education."

- Seble Wongel Mengistu, Grade 7, Sebatamit Elementary School

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